The Sausageman Story

When I was a child I never could have guessed that I would be selling sausage for a living, much less loving every minute of it. I was an athlete my whole life, playing soccer at Mount Rainier High School before playing collegiate soccer at two different universities. My love of the game took me to Ecuador, Peru, and Germany to play on international teams before a back injury at age 26 cut my soccer career short. Without the sport I loved to challenge and fulfill me I decided to learn to sail, testing my limits by sailing from Europe to Barbados as part of my long journey home to Seattle.

When I arrived back in my hometown I needed a job, and like many great things, selling sausage began out of that necessity. A friend had sold sausage as a temporary job and gave me his connections so I could get started. I began by selling summer sausage door-to-door, entering barbershops, gas stations, and any other business with a door. I loved the challenge of making connections that led into sales, but something in my pitch wasn’t working. One afternoon, I decided to try something a little different: I walked in the door and proudly declared “Hi, I’m Dan the Sausageman!” People laughed, wanting to know more, and Dan the Sausageman was born!

For the first several years I was told, “You can’t sell sausage your entire life!” I know I likely got this response because I was working out of the back of my ’74 Dodge Dart. But I was doing what I loved, so instead of giving up I decided to grow. I opened up a small storefront in Seahurst, Washington to offer more gourmet delicacies to my customers as well as gift boxes to celebrate their milestones. My mother Chirlee helped run the shop for our 8 years in Seahurst and continued to help after we moved to the Tin Building in Burien, Washington.

Over my 34 years in business I have been challenged, inspired, and surprised by just how much growing there is to do. My business has weathered the rise of online shopping, recessions, a pandemic, and I’m sure there are many challenges yet to come. However, my family, drive, and competitive spirit have always helped me navigate the rough waters. I can’t wait to see what the next 34 years will bring.