The Sausageman Story

I was told, ‘you can’t sell sausage for your entire life’. I got this response likely in part because I was doing it all out of the back of my Dodge Dart. That comment and others like it along the way, powered me to do just that, and keep selling. I meandered through college and then in Europe, in an effort to find the great athlete in me, who never quite emerged. Eventually, I found myself back in Seattle and I began searching for something to take the place of my desire to be an athlete. I desperately missed the fight for something.

The year was 1988 and I started selling sausages door to door out of my 74 Dodge Dart. In the beginning, I never thought, ‘This is it. This is my destiny’. Simply put, I needed to make money. I would walk down the street and enter barbershops, gas stations, really any place with a door. I would walk in and introduce myself as a sausage salesman. It wasn’t working…at least not well. One afternoon, I walked in and said ‘Hi, I’m Dan the Sausageman!’, peopled laughed and Dan the Sausageman was born!