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  • Strengthen partnership bonds.  Custom gifts leave a lasting impression with prospects, clients, vendors, and partners.
  • Show appreciation.  It is always the right time to send a token of appreciation.
  • Increase brand awareness.  Adding your brand’s logo to gifts helps spread awareness about your business.
  • Build repeat business.  Business partners who receive gifts are more likely to provide repeat business.


  • Celebrate your people.  Appreciation gifts can make employees feel noticed and valued.
  • Monthly gifting.  Birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, and retirements are great opportunities for celebrating your most valued asset: your team.
  • Create productive work environments.  When someone feels appreciated they are more likely to be motivated and successful in their work.
  • Remote employee recognition.  Appreciation for employees’ contributions needs to happen year-round, especially in our remote and distanced workplaces.



  • Fuel productivity.  Feed your guest at events, meetings, and conferences with a Dan the Sausageman gift box to share, or a gift for each attendee. Science shows that when you are well fed, you are more focused and efficient.
  • Thank participants.  Gifts are an important and effective way to thank attendees for their presence and dedication.
  • Share your values.  Supporting small business with your corporate gifting can reinforce your company values in a way that makes the recipient proud to be aligned with you, and more likely to share those good feelings with others.