by Dan the Sausageman April 07, 2021 1 min read

Want to impress your guests with a beautiful charcuterie board? While the bountiful and colorful arrangements you see on Pinterest might be intimidating, Charcuterie is one of the easiest appetizers to assemble. Here are some of our pro tips when creating yours:

  • Incorporate fruit and/or vegetables. This adds a great pop of color to the board, while providing something really fresh and tangy.
  • Green it up! Add some herbs or a few sprigs of whatever is in season. This could be flowers or even some festive leaves. (Just be sure that whatever you place on the plate is edible just in case someone accidentally mistakes it for food 😊)
  • Fill the whole darn thing. You could go the minimalistic route if you want, but we personally love the look of a full & fresh board of delicious food. Cover every inch of your canvas with sausage, cheese, crackers, olives, chocolate, & the works!
  • Incorporate dishes to create some structure. Filling small bowls with olives or chocolate cherries creates structure and ensures that these items won’t be rolling around the board. It’s also a nice piece to curve cheese or sausage slices around, OR tuck some greenery underneath to hold it in place.
  • Don’t overthink it. Truly, truly! You can’t really go wrong.

We would LOVE to see what you come up with. Share your charcuterie board pictures with us by tagging us on @ShopDantheSausageman on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at Happy charcuterie-ing!