by Danny House May 18, 2020 1 min read

Tillamook Valley, photo cred

Tillamook Valley, Oregon (Photo taken from

We are committed to providing an excellent experience, and that means a dedication to great customer service and great products. That’s why we love including local products from brands that have the same commitment to excellence. When it came time to select a cheese to include in our gift boxes, there was really only one option for us; Tillamook!

Tillamook strives to make the best cheese there out there, so that food-lovers and cheese-connoisseurs alike, know they can rely on the quality and consistency of their products. They know that part of that mission includes having right and ethical relationships with their farmers, employees, communities, and of course, consumers. They are passionate about making great cheese, so that you can be passionate about enjoying it.

Becky Seals, TCCA Farmer (Photo taken from

With over one hundred years of experience in the cheese-making-biz, Tillamook has won award after reward for their great tasting cheese which is free of rBST and artificial growth hormones. They also age their cheese properly, no shortcuts. That sounds like our style!

These are uncertain times. Maybe even our understanding of certainty is being challenged. So, we would like to challenge you to enjoy all of life’s goodness whenever you can, and sometimes that comes in the form of aged-award-winning cheddar cheese in a Dan the Sausageman gift box.

If you’d like to learn more about Tillamook, their history, and their product, click here to be directed to their site.