by Danny House October 21, 2020 1 min read

Each year, Dan the Sausageman and the Tin Room Bar in Burien partner up to sponsor an event hosted by the Highline Schools Foundation. We are proud to sponsor this event because we recognize the importance of pouring into your community in an effort to support the next generation. The Highline Schools Foundation is the only nonprofit in our community that supports the work of our local schools, making them invaluable


Typically the event is hosted locally at an event space in a traditional Bavarian theme with decorations, raffles, and a sit-down dinner. This was our sixth year working with Highline Schools Foundation, and it certainly looked a little different. The decision was made to safely host the event at the Tin Room, ensuring social distancing and the cleanest environment possible. The event raised $14,000 in support and fed 250 people.It was a record year! The funds raised at this year's event will go benefit "students in areas of classroom innovation, college readiness, arts, and athletics, as well as basic needs such as food, clothing and shoes, and school supplies".

A big thank you goes to the Highline Schools Foundation for all they do in our community! And thank you to the Tin Room staff for making the event possible!