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Gift buying can be tricky - but it doesn’t need to be! After 30 years in the game, we believe we’ve perfected the art of gift buying & giving for businesses, friends, and family - and we want to help you! Each box and basket from Dan the Sausageman is thoughtfully curated and hand-packaged. Each box contains premium food products that look great and taste even better. Here are our recommendations when shopping for…

The man who has everything….AKA dad or granddad

With so many special events like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, and Father’s Day, it’s hard to be creative and thoughtful with every gift. How do you get a gift for the guy who has everything?? You can only give your grandfather so many pairs of slippers, right? Time to mix things up for this tale as old as time. We recommend our classic Dan’s Favorite. It’s loaded with summer sausage, cheese spread, smoked salmon, honey roasted peanuts, mustard, water crackers, chocolate truffles, and dark chocolate cherries!

Gifts for Dad

Bob from Accounting

You don’t know Bob very well but you feel safe assuming he occasionaly does eat. So a thoughtfully packaged box of tasty treats is practically a guaranteed win. It might go so well that he decides to increase your department budget for next year. This could be the greatest investment you’ve made this year. We suggest going with the Yukonfor Bob. It’s a tasteful and high-value box packed full of summer sausage, cheddar cheese, honey roasted peanuts, mustards, and chocolate truffles!

Gifts for Coworker


The poor college student: Ramen Rick

This individual is all too familiar with Ramen noodles and appreciates nothing more than receiving a care package in the mail from a thoughtful family member. We recommend the Tubelicious for this guy. It creative and fun packaging is sure to impress, plus he’ll score some new apparel! Each box comes with a Dan the Sausageman t-shirt.

Gifts for college students

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