by Danny House January 27, 2020 2 min read

This time of year, people like to look ahead and imagine all they will accomplish in the future. We make lists, set goals, and discuss our New Year’s resolutions, if we have them. Whether you believe in setting resolutions or not, it can be a great opportunity to recalibrate or reframe your mind. However, it’s also fun to remember where you’ve been along the way and be encouraged by all the progress you’ve made thus far. With 30 years under our belt, we like to reflect on some of Dan the Sausageman's adventures.

Back in the day, during ski season, Dan would pack up his Dodge Dart and head up to Snoqualmie Pass. “I’d get there early and I’d park where everyone left the ski resort. I’d put my boom box on top of my car and play music. It was so cool”. With Van Halen blasting, he’d fire up his grill and start cooking sausages. Hungry skiers, weary after a long day on the slopes, would pass by, hear the music, and see Dan cooking sausages out of the back of his car. “I’d sell out every time and then they’d tell me they’d be back next week for more”. Can you imagine seeing this today?  

Eventually, word got out that some guy was selling sausages at the bottom of the pass and taking business away from the concessions at the resort. Two guys came down from the resort and told Dan the news and that he couldn’t sell there anymore. He packed his grill into the back of his Dart, handed the two fellas each a sausage, and left the mountain.

Dan doesn’t sell sausages out of the back of his car anymore, but he still listens to Van Halen and occasionally reminisces about the Snoqualmie Pass days.